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Architectural and Design Consultant Fifi Lugo’s talent lies in her ability to marry her clients’ passion for what they love with how they live. Fifi approaches each project with a keen understanding of the interplay of light, form, and space. She guides clients through creating a singular style that transitions smoothly from room to room, providing beautiful, yet livable, functional spaces.

Ms. Lugo has managed large and small residential projects from the Central West End to Wildwood — including major renovations and additions that are conscious of a home’s historical significance; building a new home from the ground up; and remodeling a single room. She keeps clients mindful of the potential for resale, be theirs a first home, retirement home or forever home.

Fifi’s visual history combines travel experience with the study of art. After receiving a B.A. in Studio Art and Art History from Smith College, Ms. Lugo pursued an M.A. in Art History and Painting from the University of Florence, Palazzo Spinelli. Her early career in St. Louis includes director of a Central West End art gallery and 14 years as assistant to a local architect; she has been leading design and architectural consulting projects on her own since 2007. At Home magazine in St. Louis featured one of Ms. Lugo’s builds in the July/August 2012 issue.

Combining creativity and practicality to translate paper ideas to a finished product is key for Ms. Lugo. She pays particular attention to small details. “Houses are built for people to enjoy, not just to be photographed,” she believes.

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